Used GALILEO D18 #9095404 for sale

ID: 9095404
With slitter Displacement: 20 CMH Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Motor power: 750W Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Airge Accessories available: Oil Mist Filters/Inlet FIlters.
GALILEO D18 pump is a three-phase centrifugal pump that is designed for use in industrial processes. This pump is constructed from stainless steel and is capable of handling a wide range of fluids and temperatures. The pump has a flow rate range of up to 900 l/min and a maximum head of up to 97m. D18 pump is a robustly designed centrifugal pump that can handle both pressurized and atmospheric conditions. The pump is optimally built to reduce the noise levels it produces during its operation. It is further protected and sealed to ensure that operational safety is maintained. Furthermore, GALILEO D18 pump has been designed to save energy used during its operation as it can move a variety of fluids such as, oils, gasoline, hydrocarbons, water, and other non-explosive and non-flammable liquids. D18 also features an air separator that is designed to eliminate any vapor, or air, from the liquid before it reaches the pump. This process helps to promote a more efficient pumping operation, as well as reduce risks of cavitation, as vapor enters the pump, reducing the efficiency of the operation. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with an adjustment knob that allows for precision control over the rate and flow of the fluid being pumped. This allows for a more consistent rate of fluid movement through the pump, which can be beneficial for various applications. Maintenance of GALILEO D18 pump is relatively straightforward and simple. The pump has one sinuous oil chamber that is easy to access and service. Further, the maintenance of the pump is designed to be done without the need to remove the pump from the process line. This helps to ensure continual operation of the pump, allowing it to be maintained without interruption in its services. In conclusion, D18 pump is a robustly constructed three-phase centrifugal pump that has a wide range of uses in industrial processes. The pump is designed to be energy efficient, reduce noise, and is built with safety and precision control in mind. Further, the pump is easy to maintain and service, allowing for stability of operation while the pump is in use.
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