Used GAST 1023-V1310-G608 #9071341 for sale

ID: 9071341
Vacuum pumps.
GAST 1023-V1310-G608 is a centrifugal rotary vane pump designed to deliver high-pressure air or liquids. It features a durable cast aluminum housing, stainless steel vanes, and a mechanical seal that ensures reliable operation. The pump can be mount vertically or horizontally, and can handle a maximum liquid capacity of 13.10 gpm (50 lpm) at maximum 70 PSI (4.7 BAR). It has a rugged design with Viton for its shaft seal, multiple drive options and a PTFE gasket seal that offers superior performance in extreme temperatures and pressures. Its shaft runs on non-metallic bearings to ensure even and consistent operation. The pump is powered by an energy efficient 0.7 hp (0.5 kW) brushless DC motor that operates at either 115 or 230 V and 1 ph. It also comes equipped with an adjustable speed control knob, allowing the user to adjust the output and pressure depending on their needs. The motor is also designed to run cool and is vibration free, making it suitable for most applications. The pump is also designed to handle a wide range of liquids, including petroleum-based, water-based, and some hazardous liquids (when equipped with the necessary safety equipment). Additionally, it can work with various types of nozzles, filters, and relief valves allowing users to customize their pumping needs. Finally, the precision construction and quality components used make it a highly reliable and durable pump that can handle long-term operation in the toughest applications.
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