Used GAST DOA-P704-AA #9055228 for sale

ID: 9055228
Vacuum pump.
GAST DOA-P704-AA is an air-operated diaphragm pump designed for long lasting, reliable service. It is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum with a wide range of features for superior performance and efficiency. DOA-P704-AA features a thermally protected, oil-less compressor, a direct drive motor, an integrated check valve, an adjustable pressure regulator, and an easy-to-read motor nameplate. The pump is specifically engineered for spraying paints, solvents, and other liquid formulations. GAST DOA-P704-AA has a series of internal components that work together to provide a powerful and continuous flow of liquid. The air motor is driven by a single-phase motor and controlled with an adjustable speed control. The solid-state electronic switch gear and thermally protected compressor ensure the pump runs safe and quiet. A non-metallic inlet filter protects the pump against debris and other particles. The diaphragm is specially designed to provide 50% greater output than conventional diaphragm pumps. DOA-P704-AA has an air consumption of 0.5cfm at 60psi. It has a maximum flow rate of 1.0GPM and is capable of operating at pressures up to 160psi. The pump features Viton® diaphragms to protect against chemical deterioration and extended seal life, as well as a double ball check valve and steel braided line for improved flow characteristics. The lightweight and durable construction ensures that GAST DOA-P704-AA is resistant to shock, vibration, and corrosion, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications. DOA-P704-AA is a versatile air-operated diaphragm pump that is sure to provide reliable performance for countless years. With its rugged construction, adjustable speed control, non-metallic inlet filter, and long-lasting Viton® diaphragms, this high-quality air operated diaphragm pump is sure to provide superior performance and long-lasting service.
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