Used GILSON 305 #9088069 for sale

ID: 9088069
HPLC Pump.
GILSON 305 is a small, versatile peristaltic pump designed for a wide range of scientific applications. The pump incorporates a simple, closed-circuit, diaphragm-type drive equipment that provides powerful, accurate, and repeatable fluid and pressure output. This makes it suitable for a variety of research and laboratory functions such as samples collection, process analysis, fluid dosing, and chromatography. The pump's compact size allows it to be used in limited space and it has a maximum delivery rate of 10 mL/min with 1 mL/min increments. It also utilizes a stepper motor to provide precise control and repeatable performance. The system also features a digital display with set points for easy setting and monitoring of flow rates, rates of delivery, volume displacement, and more. 305 also incorporates an innovative user interface with convenient one-button operation which allows users to adjust setting according to their needs while the auto-updates feature ensures accuracy of settings. With a maximum pressure of 1.8Bar, the pump also offers a high precision output range of 0.5-1.5 mL/min with 0.005 mL/min increments. GILSON 305 also features a microprocessor control unit which helps to ensure a consistent and reliable performance. The external pressure management machine helps ensure safety during operation and allows users to set pressure limits according to their particular application. The pump is also compatible with a wide range of tubing types for maximum tool versatility. In addition, 305 is easy to maintain and repair with a self diagnostic asset that continuously monitors the operation and alerts users when maintenance is required. It also features a diagnostic port which allows for easy access to the pump's components and facilitate quick troubleshooting. Overall, GILSON 305 is an ideal choice for a variety of research and laboratory applications requiring accurate and repeatable fluid and pressure outputs. Its user friendly interface, convenient one-button operation, reliable performance, and convenient pressure management features make it a valuable asset in the lab.
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