Used GOULDS 3298 #9092851 for sale

ID: 9092851
Pump Toshiba BY752FLF20HH04 motor.
GOULDS 3298 is a large end suction centrifugal pump designed to handle heavy workloads in industrial and commercial settings. It offers superior efficiency, long lasting operability and maximum durability. The pump offers superior performance with hydraulic efficiency up to 80%, maximum head up to 525 feet and capacity up to 28,000 gallons per minute. 3298 pump design features a horizontal and axial split casing which allow for easy maintenance and operation. The pump is powered by a high-efficiency motor, up to 200 HP or 447 kW. This newly designed motor is highly efficient and has an extended operating life. The pump can also be ordered with a VFD or variable frequency drive for further operational advantages. GOULDS 3298 pump offers a wide range of seal options, depending on the need of the customer or application. Options include single & double sectional mechanical, PTFE & rubber elastomer seals as well as lapped and rubber mated seals. This pump also has superior construction of its impeller, a triple entry vaned design that offers optimal performance and maximum efficiency. This type of vane design reduces turbulence and energy losses. 3298 also utilizes self-aligning cartridge-type bearings which provide support and keep the impeller steady. In addition, GOULDS 3298 features a unique replaceable wear ring system, allowing the user to replace the wear ring without having to buy a complete impeller. This reduces the overall cost of ownership of the pump and helps improve efficiency. 3298 can handle a variety of liquids, from clean water to wastewater and corrosive hazardous materials. It has been designed for tough, heavy-duty applications. All in all, it is a reliable pump that provides superior performance in industrial and commercial settings.
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