Used GRACO 23A070 #9081738 for sale

GRACO 23A070
ID: 9081738
Pump Part No: 050211 Max fluid: 100-7 Currently non-operational.
GRACO 23A070 is a pneumatic double diaphragm transfer pump designed for the movement of a variety of fluids and chemicals. It utilizes two flexible diaphragms to power the mechanical force needed to move and control the liquid flow. The pump is also designed to reliably operate in a demanding industrial environment. 23A070 has a maximum four inch (101.6mm) fluid port size and can deliver up to 26 GPM (2.1 lpm) at maximum to 240 PSI (16.3 bar) pump pressure. Its inert-filled fluid section and air valve makes the pump well suited for the pumping of hazardous materials with a safe and secure seal. The wetted materials of the case and its internal components consist of PTFE, PBT, stainless steel, and others. The drive assembly on this pump consists of a self-priming regenerative diaphragm compressor. This drive system provides a steady and reliable performance while minimizing vibration and noise levels. The controls on this model come with a standard built-in pressure regulator for set and forget operation. Exceptional performance can be achieved with this easy to operate pump. GRACO 23A070 has been designed for a wide range of efficiency and performance with low flow to heavy demands. This pump is most commonly used in transferring chemicals, coatings, paints, lubricants, and hazardous materials. It is made for general as well as specialized applications, and it is best suited for applications with lower suction lift as well as easy to operate manual / automatic control. 23A070 is the ideal choice for industries looking to transfer hazardous as well as non-hazardous materials in a controlled manner. Its robust construction coupled with excellent performance make it a reliable pump for many environments. With an easily configured set up, this pump is a great choice for anyone who needs to reliably transfer fluids in a safe and secure manner with intuitive controls.
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