Used GRUNDFOS A9523616-P20722107 #161806 for sale

GRUNDFOS A9523616-P20722107
ID: 161806
Water pump.
GRUNDFOS A9523616-P20722107 is a high-performance water pump designed for industrial and commercial applications. A9523616-P20722107 is a single-phase pump designed to deliver up to 34 gallons per minute (GPM) of water at a working pressure of up to 115 pounds per square inch (PSI). It is designed for hydraulic systems, cooling systems, industrial process operations, and many other applications. The pump is designed with a robust and durable stainless steel construction and a sealed motor, which helps to prevent leakage and increases the pump's lifetime. It also has built-in overload protection and can be used with either a standard NEMA motor or an Inpro/Seal motor. This makes GRUNDFOS A9523616-P20722107 suitable for use in high-temperature or high-pressure applications. A9523616-P20722107 is fitted with a single-stage, radial impeller and an integral pressure relief valve to protect against excess pressure. It is capable of running up to 335 revolutions per minute (RPM), and has a minimum flow rate of approximately 10 gallons per minute at a working pressure of 50 PSI. GRUNDFOS A9523616-P20722107 is powered by a 3/4 horsepower (HP) motor, which draws less than 10 amps in normal operation and can reach up to 18 amps at its maximum load. A9523616-P20722107 is compatible with a variety of piping systems, including nylon, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC and Kynar. The pump has an external bypass, pressure switch and valve for additional protection against overloads, and a manual on/off switch for easy control. An LED light indicates normal operation and alerts the user to a problem. GRUNDFOS A9523616-P20722107 is designed for indoor use and can be installed in any orientation. Overall, A9523616-P20722107 is a reliable and powerful single-phase pump designed for many industrial and commercial applications. It is equipped with a robust motor and stainless steel construction, offering high efficiency, durability and long lifetime. The single-stage design, automatic pressure relief and manual on/off switch make it suitable for use in a variety of high-temperature and high-pressure applications, and its compatibility with a range of piping systems makes installation easier.
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