Used GRUNDFOS A96454698P10206 #124630 for sale

ID: 124630
Vertical pump Wet material: stainless steel HP: 5 Inlet: 1" Outlet: 1" RPM: 3,500 Power requirements: 50/60Hz, 3-phase.
GRUNDFOS A96454698P10206 is a versatile and reliable pump designed to provide consistent performance in commercial and industrial settings. This centrifugal pump is capable of delivering high flow and pressure - up to 180 l/min and 10 bar respectively - making it a great choice for a variety of deep water systems. A96454698P10206 pumps come with a high flow cast iron 2-stage design. This ensures that its components are made out of high-quality materials for superior performance and increased efficiency. It is compatible with medium electric motors ranging from 75 to 250 kW, allowing flexible usage as per specific requirements. For further optimization, it is equipped with hydraulic components that reduce resistance in the side flow - improving performance and saving energy. This pump is ideal for applications in water supply, industrial water and waste water treatments, water transfer systems, cooling water applications, fire-fighting, cooling systems, and agricultural irrigation systems. It can easily operate against high pressure drops, even in low liquid temperatures. Its equipment is designed to comply with all the necessary standards, making it suitable for operations in harsh and corrosive environments. GRUNDFOS A96454698P10206 comes with a host of advanced features like single-lever mechanical seals, minimal vibration levels, and low hazardous emission levels. It can also be fitted with various mounting options for greater convenience. Its streamlined design minimizes turbulence and increases run-time efficiency and performance. For increased safety, this pump includes a flushing connection for easy cleaning and maintenance. This helps minimize wear and tear, preventing unplanned downtime and increasing the overall lifetime of the pump. Its servo-controlled operation ensures complete protection for the motor and eliminates unnecessary current consumption. A96454698P10206 is designed to provide users with reliable and consistent performance. Its high-quality components are built to last and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. With this pump, you can be sure that your system is running at an optimal level - even in the harshest of conditions - delivering exceptional results.
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