Used GRUNDFOS B42290076P19901 #124627 for sale

ID: 124627
Vertical pump Wet material: stainless steel HP: 15 Inlet: 3" Outlet: 3" RPM: 3,500 Power requirements: 60Hz, 3-phase.
GRUNDFOS B42290076P19901 is a self-priming centrifugal pump built for both continuous and intermittent operation. Highly durable and reliable, this pump is designed to withstand the toughest environments. With a high efficient performance, it is ideal for pumping water, industrial and brewery processes, fire protection systems, and many other applications. This pump features an open impeller design to ensure efficient operation and maximum flow. Producing a maximum flow of 1300 gallons per minute (GPM) at variable speed 200 Hz, it has a stainless steel body and shaft which provides exceptional corrosion resistance. It is built with mounting bracket and ball valve with stem extension completing the features. The stainless steel construction also prevents the build-up of sludge and other materials in the pump. This centrifugal pump is also designed to require minimal maintenance. It is motor driven and powered by a 200-240V, 50/60Hz. motor and features a power cable. It also features a range of flanges for easy installation, and is made with cartridge offload and on/off operation. B42290076P19901 has a rating of 10 bar pressure with a maximum discharge head of around 10 meters. It has an over suction lift of 7 meters and a depth of 67 mils. It also features an air separator made with SS 316 stainless steel for maximum durability and maximum efficiency. This pump is heavily tested and certified for compliance to the EN 22109, IEC 61508 and CE marking standards. It can be used with a wide range of liquids including fresh water, sea water, seawater containing sand, seawater containing mud, and other non-aggressive fluids. It is also covered by a two-year warranty for defects in material and workmanship. GRUNDFOS B42290076P19901 is designed with user convenience in mind with serviceability, reliability, and performance. Highly efficient, safe, and durable, this pump is an ideal solution for many pumping applications requiring long-term reliability.
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