Used HELIX 8500 #9088325 for sale

ID: 9088325
HELIX 8500 is a heavy-duty rotary, positive displacement pump designed to optimally transport fluids in commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. It fuses proven technologies from different pump families into a single, powerful unit. Compatible with both thick viscous fluids and light media such as water, 8500 is engineered to handle extreme temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C up to +160 degrees C. The modular construction of HELIX 8500 allows for configurability and optimization in order to fulfill demanding process requirements. It features a three-piece casework structure composed of the intermediate chamber, shaft section, and the outboard bearing designed to isolate the pump from the system pressure. This arrangement also makes disassembly and maintenance particularly easy. Boasting superior durability and reliability, 8500 features a hard-faced idler gear designed to generate more power and higher efficiency. The pump is equipped with axial, radial, and thrust bearings removing any bearing preload on the drive shaft. This improves the overall running dynamics, extends the lifetime of lubrication fluids, boosts efficiency, and ensures long-term durability at maximum performance. The pump is powered by a direct-coupled motor complete with bracketing, thermo-protection, and cooling capabilities. It also comes with a special self-priming for faster, more efficient operation. HELIX 8500 is also characterized by a higher volumetric flow rate at lower motor speeds—delivering a precise and reliable operation with less downtime, mechanical wear, and noise. 8500 also features a wide choice of materials available for its part and comes with a range of pump and accessory options. These include several metallurgies, such as hotwork steels, duplex, super duplex, among others for the casing, rotor, impellers, shafts, and wear strips, depending on the application. In sum, HELIX 8500 is a reliable and robust solution for a wide range of fluid transportation needs—including abrasive, low-viscosity, and high-viscosity fluids. Built to adapt to extreme operating temperatures, it is provided with excellent protection features, easy disassembly, remarkable performance, and series of materials and accessories for maximum flexibility.
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