Used HUSKY 515 #124253 for sale

ID: 124253
Air operated diaphragm pumps Wet material: Polypropylene Inlet: 0.75" Outlet: 0.75" Input: 125 psi.
HUSKY 515 is a manual piston pump designed and manufactured by HUSKY Corporation. This pump is used for dispensing lubricants, fuels, and other fluids. It features a cast-iron body with a zinc-plated finish for corrosion resistance, and a non-stalling, air operated pneumatic motor. The pump is designed for heavy-duty use and is capable of delivering up to 5.15 GPM (15.3 LPM) of fluid and a maximum pressure of 160 PSI. This high-capacity pump is perfect for dispensing large volumes of fluids quickly and efficiently in industrial environments. 515 utilizes a simple, oil-immersed, direct-acting piston system for maximum performance and reliability. Its easy-to-operate control valve allows for complete control over dispensing speed and volume. Additionally, the dual-taper roller bearings in the pump provide superior strength compared to other piston pumps of the same size. These features ensures that the pump delivers reliable and consistent performance. One of the most impressive features of HUSKY 515 is its low operating cost. The efficient oil-immersed motor is designed to reduce heat generation and improve power efficiency. In fact, it has been reported to save up to 15% in energy consumption compared to other similar piston pumps. This makes it the ideal choice for operations where cost efficiencies are vital. Another great feature of 515 is its ease of maintenance. All components are easily accessible for maintenance and repairs. In addition, the sealant applied to the metal body ensures that the connection points are water tight and prevents spills from leaking out. This ensures that the pump operates efficiently and safely with minimal maintenance. Overall, HUSKY 515 is an excellent high-capacity pump designed for industrial and commercial applications. The durable construction, reliable performance, and low energy consumption make it an ideal solution for a wide range of fluid dispensing requirements.
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