Used HVA 123-0801 #9072373 for sale

ID: 9072373
High Vacuum Gate Valve OD 11" ID 8" BC 9.5" L 19.75" x W 11" Stainless steel (8) Holes.
HVA 123-0801 is a highly efficient, durable, and cost effective pump used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. It operates on the principle of positive displacement, which means it generates pressure by taking in and compressing a liquid or gas within a contained space. This contained space is known as an enclosed chamber and is usually made of a strong rigid material such as stainless steel, bronze, or aluminum. 123-0801 pump includes a cylinder, piston, valves, and a motor. The cylinder is a metal cylinder that is sealed on both ends. It is connected to the input and output valves. A piston is located in the center of the cylinder and rides on a guide rod up and down the cylinder's length. The piston is pressed by a mechanical force, in this case a motor, known as the actuation force. This force causes the piston to move up and down within the cylinder, creating a vacuum effect that pulls the fluids and gases into the cylinder from one end and then pushes them out the other end at a greater pressure. The valves on HVA 123-0801 are designed to prevent backflow, that is, liquid or gas from flowing back into the cylinder once it has exited. Valves are normally found at the inlet and outlet ports of the cylinder and are actuated either pneumatically, hydraulically, or mechanically. Depending on the type of pump the motor comes equipped with, the motor may be driven by gas, diesel, or electricity. Advantages of this pump include its cost effectiveness, as compared to pumps powered by other motor types, and its compact size, which allows for easy installation and use where space is limited. 123-0801 has been designed for a variety of applications such as heating and cooling systems, fuel systems, and water systems. It is tested to work efficiently at a maximum operating pressure of 580 psi and a viscosity of 85 cSt. With a maximum rated flow rate of 25 GPM, it can handle a wide range of flows. HVA 123-0801 pump is also fitted with a built-in safety valve that can quickly shut off in case of emergency. The safety valve is designed to protect against system overpressure and malfunctioning systems. As compared to previous models of positive displacement pumps, 123-0801 has improved performance, durability, and efficiency, making it a popular choice for industrial and commercial applications. It is also the first of its kind to include the integrated safety valve, making it safer and more reliable than other pumps.
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