Used HVA 123-0801 #9072374 for sale

ID: 9072374
High Vacuum Gate Valve OD 11" ID 8" BC 9.5" L 19.75" x W 11" Stainless steel (8) Holes.
HVA 123-0801 is a multi-stage, rotary vane positive displacement pump. It is designed for a wide variety of applications in laboratory, commercial, and industrial settings. This pump has been engineered with an enhanced oil seal design, stainless steel housing, and a unique high-viscosity head which gives it superior performance. The pump uses an internal oil-filled housing to regulate pressure and reduce vibration, allowing it to operate efficiently and quietly. 123-0801 combines the reliability of a vane-type displacement pump with the efficiency of a motor-driven pump. This pump is able to provide high flow rates up to 1,350 LPM (liters per minute) and pressure up to 22 bar (Barometric pressure). It is also designed with a 3-phase 200-240 V, 0.75 HP, 1.5 kW motor, allowing it to deliver a steady flow while maintaining low power consumption and ensuring optimal durability. Its minimal design and efficient operation make HVA 123-0801 an ideal choice for a variety of applications. This pump can be used in several different industries for fluid transfers, control of oil pressure, and distribution of fluids. It is suitable for industrial use in the chemical process industry, as well as for fuel-transfer systems, water systems, refrigeration systems, and other various applications. 123-0801 is made of high-quality components to ensure maximum durability and performance. It includes a stainless steel body, a cast brass rotors, and an aluminum rotor housing for added strength and resistance to corrosion. Other features include a double-lip oil seal for superior performance and longer service life, a balanced drive to reduce vibration, and an adjustable inlet pressure relief valve. This pump also has an integrated pre-filter to protect from foreign particles, as well as an integrated pressure and temperature gauge allowing a visible indication of pump performance as well as other important data. This pump is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. HVA 123-0801 is CSA approved and compliant with NFPA standards, making it a reliable, safe, and efficient pump for many different applications.
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