Used INGERSOLL RAND ARO 666152-3-3C #124277 for sale

ARO 666152-3-3C
ID: 124277
Diaphragm pumps Wet material: metal Inlet: 1" Outlet: 1" Input: 120 psi.
INGERSOLL RAND ARO 666152-3-3C is a rotary vane pump designed to provide reliable and consistent performance with minimal maintenance requirements. This pump is powered by a 3 phase, 60 Hz electric motor and is capable of operating at a maximum pressure of 85 PSI. It is constructed with anodized aluminum housing and cast iron components to resist corrosion and provide a long-lasting life in harsh operating environments. The rotor is hard chrome-plated to provide superior abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. This pump is designed with an adjustable knock plate and a balanced 4-vane body to reduce noise and vibration. Additionally, it features a flow rate of 40 GPM, a vacuum capability of 18" HG, a 333-degree rotation of the shaft to ensure complete wetting of all areas of the pump, and dual mechanical seal rings with O-ring options to provide superior sealing. This pump is ideal for use in a variety of industries, such as chemical, petroleum, food and drinks, construction, and transportation. It delivers reliable performance in transferring large volumes of liquid at moderate pressure and temperature without losing volume or pressure due to its robust design and wide range of flow and pressure adjustments. This pump is capable of operating in a wide variety of temperatures, from frozen or hot fluids to special applications involving additional fluids or pressures. Additionally, with its simple and robust design, this pump is easy to install, use, and maintain. ARO 666152-3-3C is designed to provide reliable performance with a minimum of maintenance and operational costs. Its robust construction and durable components are designed to provide a long-lasting operational life. Furthermore, its mechanical seal is capable of sealing at extreme temperatures, while the adjustable knock plate reduces noise and vibration. With its high flow rate, adjustable shocks and superior sealing, this pump is an ideal choice for many industrial applications where reliable performance with minimum maintenance is required.
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