Used INGERSOLL RAND ARO 6661A3-343C #124231 for sale

ARO 6661A3-343C
ID: 124231
Air operated diaphragm pump Wet material: CPVC Inlet: 1" Outlet: 1" Input: 100 psi.
INGERSOLL RAND ARO 6661A3-343C is a reciprocating double-acting piston pump ideal for applications requiring the circulation and transfer of non-lubricating fluids. It has been designed for a variety of industries, including chemical and industrial. The pump is capable of delivering up to 25 gpm (95 lpm) at pressures up to 600 psi (41 bar). ARO 6661A3-343C features a rugged cast iron construction with a 2.4-inch (60.9 mm) diameter suction port and a 1.8-inch (45.7 mm) diameter discharge port. The unit also includes a stainless steel valve plate that provides long-lasting durability. This pump provides a low-friction, dry-run performance that no other lubricated pump can match. It includes a full range of lube oil connections, options, and accessories allowing for quick, easy installation in many types of systems. A unique design feature of INGERSOLL RAND ARO 6661A3-343C is its pressure-controlled ejector system, which allows the operator to tailor the pressure and flow of the pump for the system requirements. This compact and lightweight pump is constructed for superior vibration, noise, and wear resistance, making it an optimal choice for applications with space restrictions or for system maintenance. With its welded components and adjustable seals, ARO 6661A3-343C is a reliable pump that offers a low-cost solution to many fluid transfer operations. It can handle a wide range of fluid temperatures, pressures, and viscosities, and it is suitable for a variety of applications, from chemical transfer to petrochemical circulation systems. INGERSOLL RAND ARO 6661A3-343C is an efficient, reliable pump that provides a cost-effective solution to a variety of fluid transfer needs in many types of industrial and chemical applications.
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