Used INGERSOLL RAND T-30 Model 2-15VE7.5 #137579 for sale

INGERSOLL RAND T-30 Model 2-15VE7.5
ID: 137579
Dual head vacuum pump.
INGERSOLL RAND T-30 Model 2-15VE7.5 is a high-pressure, self-priming centrifugal pump. It is designed to handle challenging applications and processes and is a reliable solution for industrial applications. The pump features an corrosion-resistant cast iron housing for durability and an energy-efficient, 1.5-HP electric motor for reliable performance. Its single-stage impeller design is powered by a NEMA 48V motor that allows the pump to deliver a maximum flow rate of 48 gallons per minute (GPM) at 125 feet of head. This flexibility of flow and head is especially useful for conditions where the requirements vary over time. The pump also features a maximum suction lift of 12.5 feet, allowing it to prime and re-prime quickly and efficiently. The T-30 is built to handle harsh environments, featuring NEMA 4X and IP55 ratings for moisture and dust resistance. It also comes equipped with self-cleaning strainer screen that prevents the pump from clogging and allows it to run continuously at peak performance levels. Additionally, a back pull-out design allows for easy maintenance without the need to disturb the base piping. This feature enables users to easily service the pump without having to disconnect the piping, thus reducing downtime and preventing loss of process. In addition to its durability, the T-30 features a compact size for easy portability, allowing it to discretely fit into areas where larger pumps cannot. The pump is UL and CSA listed for commercial and residential applications, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications and industries. Overall, INGERSOLL RAND T-30 Model 2-15VE7.5 is a reliable and durable solution for applications where flexibility and portability are essential. Its corrosion-resistant cast iron design and energy-efficient motor make it perfect for handling challenging applications and processes, while its self-cleaning strainer screen and back pull-out design make it easy to service and maintain.
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