Used IWAKI MDM25-160PRFF015J-72 #181638 for sale

IWAKI MDM25-160PRFF015J-72
ID: 181638
IWAKI MDM25-160PRFF015J-72 pump is a versatile, reliable and efficient centrifugal pump for use in a range of applications. Drawing power from a single-phase 115V/230V AC electric motor, this pump can provide up to 40 psi of discharge pressure and is capable of pumping a variety of fluids. MDM25-160PRFF015J-72 utilizes a polypropylene housing, radial impeller with a fixed vane angle, hydrodynamic seal and lip type shaft seal to provide a maximum flow rate of 80 gpm. The centrifugal action of the radial impeller pulls fluid in and then accelerates them to a high discharge pressure, with the vane angle helping to provide optimal efficiency and performance. The polypropylene housing helps to provide protection to the impeller, while the stainless steel shaft provides superior strength and durability. The hydrodynamic seal helps keep the pump sealed while the lip type shaft seal helps to prevent any leaking issues. This versatileMDM25-160PRFF015J-72can be used for a variety of applications, including as a source of pressure for reverse osmosis systems, in various industrial and chemical processes, and even as a secondary or backup pump for larger systems. Its unique design and construction make it one of the most reliable and rugged pumps on the market today, capable of handling up to 40 psi of discharge pressure and pumping a variety of liquids. IWAKI MDM25-160PRFF015J-72 is one of the most durable and efficient centrifugal pumps available, with its polypropylene housing and stainless steel shaft offering superior protection from wear and corrosion. It is also capable of pumping a variety of liquids, including liquids with harsh chemical additives, as well as liquids with a high degree of suspended solids. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications. For ease of maintenance, MDM25-160PRFF015J-72 features a short pulse filter to easily remove any contaminants and particles from the line. For added safety, it is also equipped with a voltage overload protection system to protect against electrical faults. All of these features combined make IWAKI MDM25-160PRFF015J-72 one of the most reliable and efficient centrifugal pumps on the market today.
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