Used JANIS RESEARCH 14CNDT #9094580 for sale

ID: 9094580
JANIS RESEARCH 14CNDT is an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) ion pump that has been specifically designed for the laboratory. This equipment offers reliable and consistent performance in a range of research applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing, nanotech, sputtering, and etching. It is ideal for applications requiring high-purity and low-background conditions. 14CNDT contains a powerful diffusion ion pump, which operates with an effective pumping speed in the range of 8-15 l/s at the molecular level. The ion pump is connected to two thermal ion getters (TIG), which are made of a special boron-coated stainless steel alloy material. These getters provide additional pumping power, and also absorb impurities over time to maintain a pure vacuum. The pump also has a number of safety features, including a built-in flowmeter, vacuum sensors, and a vacuum leak detection system. These features help to protect users and equipment from potential hazards. The pump has an integrated fan and temperature controller, which can be adjusted to maintain consistent operating conditions at all times. JANIS RESEARCH 14CNDT's advanced design also includes a number of other features, including a dual-level exhaust port and an included turbo Varian C15. The turbo pump helps to reduce noise and allows for faster evacuation rates while also increasing the unit's ultimate pumping speed. 14CNDT is easy to install and maintain. The pump can be connected to an existing vacuum machine, or it can be used as a stand-alone vacuum source. The included controller and fan help to monitor tool performance to ensure consistent operation and long-term reliability. Overall, JANIS RESEARCH 14CNDT is an ideal pump for any research laboratory. It offers excellent performance and safety features, while also being simple to operate and maintain. This pump is the perfect choice for any application in which high purity and low background conditions are required.
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