Used JANIS RESEARCH Special CNDT #9087719 for sale

Special CNDT
ID: 9087719
JANIS RESEARCH Special CNDT is a highly advanced high-pressure pump system that is perfect for research and industrial applications. This pump is capable of accurately delivering a variety of different liquids and gases at precise speeds and pressures for your experimental needs. Special CNDT's sturdy build and sophisticated technology make it perfect for various laboratory operations, from making samples to testing chemical reactions. This pump is able to generate pressures of up to 70 bar, and speeds up to 1500rpm, throughout the entire range of flow rate settings. Its high precision and extremely quiet running is especially suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas. JANIS RESEARCH Special CNDT is equipped with a unique 'floating impeller system' which reduces cavitation in order to deliver an optimal performance. It is easy to operate and comes with in-built controls and an adjustable speed dial for better accuracy during your lab experiments. This advanced pump is also fitted with a low friction ball bearing that ensures a smother flow of fluids and gases; saving you time and energy. Special CNDT is also equipped with a durable steel body and chemical-resistant construction, so you can be confident it will survive intense experiments and handle different types of chemicals, gases, and liquids. All of these features make it a great choice for any laboratory looking for a reliable pump that can deliver superior performance and accuracy. This pump is ideal for nonstop use and is perfect for making various samples, bringing in high-pressure gases, and transferring liquids at high-accuracy rates. Thanks to its advanced features and exceptional performance, JANIS RESEARCH Special CNDT can help you quickly and efficiently get your research tasks done with ease.
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