Used KAESER KRD #133067 for sale

ID: 133067
CFM air dryer.
KAESER KRD pumps are a reliable, high-performance vacuum pump designed to meet the needs of the industrial and vacuum industries. These direct drive vacuum pumps are designed to withstand challenging applications, providing efficient air flow, superior performance and quiet operation. KRD pumps feature a powerful, three-phase motor and oversized bearing system, which allows it to handle heavy loads and continuous use. This ensures reliable operation, coupled with long operating life. The advanced design also ensures excellent efficiency and low power consumption, offering significant energy savings over traditional pumps. KAESER KRD pumps feature two stages for increased suction power and improved performance levels. The first stage uses an advanced self-regulating stator, which optimizes air flow for the highest levels of suction. The second stage is an after-cooled volute impeller, which produces high suction levels with minimal power consumption. The combination of these two stages makes the pump ideal for many industrial applications, such as pressure testing, degassing, industrial cleaning and medical devices. The advanced design also ensures low vibration and acoustic noise, allowing the pump to operate quietly in any environment. Additionally, KRD pumps are designed with a leak-proof sealing system which guarantees a secure connection and prevents any leakage. This is important for any application, as any leakage can negatively affect the air delivery rate, causing decreased performance and efficiency. KAESER KRD pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications and are available in several models to suit any size and type of application. KAESER pumps are made from high quality material and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. This ensures that each and every pump is built to last and will continue to perform efficiently even in challenging environments.
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