Used KAESER Sigma DS 200 #142431 for sale

Sigma DS 200
ID: 142431
Vintage: 1997
Rotary screw air compressor Profile Series Specifications: 150 HP 460 VOLT Packaged rotary screw 125 / 150 PSI Touch pad controls 7939 Hours Full enclosure Vert oil / water separator On steel frame base Some piping and traps 1997 vintage.
KAESER Sigma DS 200 is a reliable screw compressor that provides outstanding performance and efficiency for industrial use. This high-performance pump is capable of producing a maximum operating pressure of up to 15 bar, and it has a flow rate of 28 m³/min. It has a high-efficiency design and its variable speed drive gives the user full control over the process. Sigma DS 200 is a compact and robust unit that comes with a direct coupled motor and a set of air end flanges. This high-performance pump is equipped with either one or two pumps, depending on the customer's requirements. The pump is further equipped with a gearbox which ensures smooth and quiet operation. The unit is designed to be easy to install and with its integrated cooling system, it also ensures high performance and reliability. KAESER Sigma DS 200 is designed to operate in arduous and demanding industrial environments and is an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. The technology used in the compressor is of the highest standard and is designed to minimize noise while increasing efficiency. Its robust construction increases its longevity and the unit is also equipped with a number of safety features. Sigma DS 200 is also equipped with a range of user-friendly features including an external entry filtration system, digital hour meter, and automatic shutdown. This allows the user to monitor and adjust operational parameters for optimal performance. KAESER Sigma DS 200 is an excellent choice for an industrial pump and its performance and efficiency will ensure it meets the demanding requirements of any application.
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