Used KASHIYAMA DS700 #9066851 for sale

ID: 9066851
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA DS700 is a centrifugal pump designed for industrial applications. It is a reliable and efficient pump ideal for pumping water, oils, chemicals, and other low-viscosity fluids. It has a substantial capacity (up to 112 m3/h and 3.2 Mpa) and excels at low-flow, low-head operations. The pump can operate in temperatures up to 80°C. DS700 comes in a variety of configurations, and its operation is made possible through several key components. The primary parts are the impeller, volute, and shaft. The impeller is a radial-balanced unit that directs the flow of liquid throughout the pump, and it is connected to the pump shaft to provide consistent rotation. The volute is a stationary, curved section that helps to create low-pressure areas for liquid suction and outlet. Lastly, the shaft is the part that connects the impeller to the motor and transmits the torque from the motor to turn the impeller blades. KASHIYAMA DS700 operates with an axial-flow design, meaning the fluid's momentum is kept in a single direction. This leads to efficiency and eliminates the need for brakes or other elements that can hinder its performance. In addition, it features an operation with a wide range of discharge pressures and flows. DS700 is rated for up to a 4.9 kW motor power and can operate at speeds as high as 3000 RPM. KASHIYAMA DS700 is a highly reliable and robust pump, and its durability and performance have made it a staple in industrial operations. It has a vibration and noise ratings that exceed industry standards and is capable of pumping large volumes of highly resistant or corrosive fluids without any loss in performance. Its working parts are also designed with multiple layers of protection in order to reduce fouling and extend its operating life. The volute is built with anelastic material, while the impeller is constructed from durable, abrasion-resistant materials. In addition, DS700 also features seals and rubber-type gaskets that help keep contaminants at bay and allow for pressure-dependent operations. KASHIYAMA DS700 is a reliable and efficient centrifugal pump ideal for industrial operations. With its robust construction, high-performance capabilities, and wide range of functions, it is sure to meet any need.
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