Used KASHIYAMA HC30B #138075 for sale

ID: 138075
Vintage: 2000
Horizontal screw drive dry vacuum pump, 15 cfm Ultimate pressure: 2Pa Inlet flange: NW40 Cooling water required: 3.5L/min Purge gas: 12 slm N2 Power requirements: 220V, 60Hz 2000 vintage.
KASHIYAMA HC30B is a centrifugal type volumetric pump designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications. It is characterized by its robust design, energy efficiency and reliability. The Pump has a head capacity of up to 10 meters and a maximum flow rate of 120 liters per minute. The pump is made of stainless steel and features a high-efficiency impeller and an optimized hydraulic structure that enables it to maintain its performance even when used in demanding conditions. The pump's volumetric efficiency is also high, meaning it is capable of transferring a high flow rate with minimal power consumption. HC30B pump is also designed with an easy access and simplified maintenance procedure, making it easy to service and check on while in operation. The pump is driven by electric motors with a normal speed of 3600 RPM, but its variable displacer allows for speed changes up to 2800 RPM. The pump is designed with a built-in temperature sensor and pressure gauge, making it easy to measure and control operating temperature and pressure levels. KASHIYAMA HC30B pump also features low noise and vibration operation; thanks to its static balancing mechanism and resinous compound as a shock absorber. In addition to this, it is UL approved, ensuring operations are in line with International safety standards. Another great feature of this pump is the ease of installation and removal due to its self-adjusting base pump and the standard horizontal discharge port. All in all, HC30B is a very reliable and durable pump that provides high performance and endurance in a variety of industrial applications. This pump features robust design, energy efficiency and reliability, as well as ease of maintenance and operation. It has UL approval to ensure safety and is also a cost-effective solution due to its low power consumption. With all these features, it is a great choice for any company looking for a dependable pump solution.
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