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ID: 9066852
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA KMB1203 is a centrifugal impeller pump designed for optimal use in multiple industrial and commercial sectors. Its rugged economic design and high efficiency make it a popular choice for many applications. KMB1203 consists of a motor-driven impeller connected to a casing. The casing is made up of a volute chamber, a diffuser and an inlet side and outlet side. The impeller blades are designed to create a centrifugal motion, propelling the liquid at high velocity out of the outlet. The diffuser handles the transfer of energy from the impeller to the fluid and slows down the fluid to gain a pressure increase. The volute chamber and inlet side increase the pressure and volume of the fluid as it enters the pump. KASHIYAMA KMB1203 is powered by an efficient electric motor, operating at a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The output power depends on the pumping head of the liquid and can range from 0.37 kW up to 1.5 kW. The maximum liquid flow rate is 52 m3/h, providing ample flow for many industrial and commercial applications. The maximum suction head is 7.5 mWC and the discharge head is 64 mWC. The minimum and maximum working temperature of the pump is -5°C to +40°C, providing excellent performance even under high temperature conditions. KMB1203 provides excellent efficiency and is designed to reduce energy consumption. The high performance and reliability also makes it a perfect choice in critical pumping applications. The pump is also designed with component interchangeability, which makes it easy to maintain and repair. It is lightweight and compact, making it quite economical to install and operate. Its construction is also made of corrosion resistant materials like stainless steel and aluminum, providing excellent wear resistance. Overall, KASHIYAMA KMB1203 is an excellent choice for industrial and commercial applications, providing high efficiency and excellent performance at an economical cost. Its rugged construction and component interchangeability make it a great choice for long-term reliable use.
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