Used KASHIYAMA KMB4003 #9098670 for sale

ID: 9098670
Dry pumps.
KASHIYAMA KMB4003 is a centrifugal pump commonly used in industrial and commercial applications. This centrifugal pump features an efficient and reliable performance with high speeds, wide temperature range, and a double impeller design. KMB4003 is constructed from heavy gauge cast iron for optimal strength and durability. It offers maximum flow rates of up to 120m3/h and is powered by a 3-phase 0.75kW/1HP electric motor. This pump also features a long-lasting stainless steel impeller for improved efficiency and corrosion resistance. KASHIYAMA KMB4003 is designed to work effectively in a wide range of temperatures, from -10°C up to 80°C, for all-weather operation. Its double impeller design helps minimize cavitation and turbulence, ensuring a smooth and efficient pumping operation. It also comes with an adjustable guide vane, which functions to provide better spin velocity and reduce friction within the impeller. KMB4003 is also equipped with an integrated non-return valve, allowing for a smooth flow of water back into the pump. Additionally, its housing features an integrated, self-lubricating bearing for improved durability and reduced maintenance. KASHIYAMA KMB4003 pump is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind. This centrifugal pump is suitable for a variety of applications, such as water supply and circulation, shower and irrigation systems, and food service equipment.
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