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ID: 9066854
Dry pumps, many available.
KASHIYAMA ME40K is a centrifugal pump used in industrial applications. It was developed by KASHIYAMA, a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in pumps and other industrial machinery. ME40K is designed to reliably pump liquids with minimal maintenance costs and is suitable for both clean and slightly contaminated media. The pump features a single-15 horsepower motor that operates at a maximum speed of 3500 RPM. The motor is thermally protected and designed to restart automatically after any interruption in power. The impeller and shaft are made of stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and the entire unit is supported by a one-piece cast iron base for improved stability. KASHIYAMA ME40K also has an integrated pressure switch with calibrated LED indicators that automatically adjust the speed depending on pressure and liquid flow, eliminating the need to manually adjust the pump speed. ME40K has a top-mounted suction strainer which can be removed for cleaning or replacing the suction filter. The pump casing consists of two sections for convenient servicing and repair of the unit. It has a total head of 50 meters, meaning it can lift liquids up to 50m from their starting point. KASHIYAMA ME40K can process up to 40m3/hour with a maximum liquid temperature of 90°C and a maximum ambient temperature of 50°C. Its flange size can range from 2'' to 12'' and a wide variety of coupling types are available for easy installation. ME40K is compact in size and requires minimal space in comparison with other pumps. It is also cost-effective, with low installation and maintenance costs. Additionally, the working life of KASHIYAMA ME40K is extended for low vibration and minimal energy requirements. ME40K also has a built-in thrust balance which reduces the bearing load and waste heat, and the pump casing is designed to reduce noise. KASHIYAMA ME40K meets international standards for safety, quality and performance and is engineered to provide reliable performance and maximum efficiency.
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