Used KASHIYAMA MER03 #9066855 for sale

ID: 9066855
Dry pumps.
KASHIYAMA MER03 is a pump designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications. The pump is a single stage, non-metallic centrifugal pump. It has a design that allows for the efficient transfer of liquids and gases without creating excessive vibrations. It can operate at both high and low pressures with minimal loss of pressure, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications. The pump features a composite resin construction, providing a durable shell that resists corrosion and heat. The materials used for the construction are non-metallic, which means that there is no need to worry about corrosion and wear over time. The motor is designed to reduce noise levels, keeping the environment safe from hazardous noise pollution. MER03 is designed to work in a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures. It is fitted with an O-ring seal to ensure a tight seal and prevent leakage of liquids and gases. The pump also features a mechanical seal system, which improves the seal over time, and a non-metallic bearing for smooth operation and long life. The rotor has a large diameter and is balanced to reduce the risk of vibration. In addition, KASHIYAMA MER03 pump has a wide range of safety features, such as an overload protector and a pressure relief valve. The overload protector monitors the temperature and pressure in the pump and shuts it down as necessary to avoid an overload. The pressure relief valve is designed to protect from overpressure and will release any excess pressure before it can damage the pump. MER03 is a reliable and efficient pump, suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It is designed to run smoothly and efficiently even at elevated temperatures and pressures, and is safe to operate in hazardous environments. With its balanced rotor and robust construction, the pump is designed to provide a long and reliable service life.
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