Used KASHIYAMA SD150LU-008 #9072098 for sale

ID: 9072098
Vintage: 2003
Pump, 2003 vintage.
KASHIYAMA SD150LU-008 is a centrifugal pump with superior constructional features and excellent performance. This pump has a durable construction, made with corrosion-resistant metals and non-metallic materials. It is also a submersible pump, allowing for use in wet and underwater applications. The body of the pump is equipped with an integrated suction strainer for protection from particles, helping to prevent mechanical damage and clogs. This pump operates with a double suction horizontal split case design. The rotor of SD150LU-008 features a double suction impeller and an adjustable three-blade diffuser. Both components work together to provide efficient and consistent pumping performance. The rotor is then balanced using a low vibration system for quieter operation. This pump also features anti-cavitation performance, allowing it to work with high flow rates without fear of cavitation issues. This pump is ideal for a variety of applications, including water supply and drainage, air conditioning and ventilation, fire protection systems, and irrigation systems. It also has a maximum head of up to 53 meters. The maximum suction of the pump is up to 10 meters and the maximum flow rate is up to 5.0 m3/min. KASHIYAMA SD150LU-008 is powered by an electric motor, which can achieve maximum power of up to 132 kW. It also has an IP 55 rating of protection against dust and moisture, a maximum operating temperature of up to 95°C, and a maximum operating pressure of up to 4.0MPa. The weight of the pump is approximately 545 kg, and the dimensions are 787 x 632 x 05.12mm. This pump is designed for optimal convenience and performance. It has been designed with a mechanical seal for complete protection from leakages and prevents the risk of contamination. The pump also features an oil-tray system, where the motor can be filled with oil to ensure that it runs efficiently. It also has an internal check valve to prevent water and oil from leaking back into the pump when it is not needed. SD150LU-008 is a reliable and efficient pump engineered for various demanding applications. Its construction features and excellent performance make it a reliable choice for applications requiring an efficient and durable pump system.
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