Used KASHIYAMA SD609A-001-60 #9092164 for sale

ID: 9092164
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SD609A-001-60 is a centrifugal pump for water circulation, featuring a single-phase motor with a rated output of 0.06 kW/0.08 HP. Its rotary speed is a maximum of 2,850 rpm and a shaft power capacity of 4.5 kW/ 6.0 HP. It is constructed with an aluminum die-cast motor casing and a molded plastic impeller. The combination of these materials allows the pump to be lightweight and durable while still providing a high performance operation. SD609A-001-60 is designed to handle the transfer of liquids with a maximum temperature of 35°C. The intake and discharge valves positions are located on the bottom of the pump, providing an easy maintenance access. Its incoming water connection has a 1" NPT-threaded inlet diameter, with the outgoing water connection also having a 1" NPT-threaded outlet diameter. This centrifugal pump is easy to install, its overall size is 144mm x 140mm x 211 mm with the body weight of 2.8kg. KASHIYAMA SD609A-001-60 pump can be used for circulating water in both domestic and industrial applications, such as swimming pools, air conditioners, cooling systems and more. It offers a reliable performance guaranteeing many years of further service, as it features a long life mechanical seal which has been tested for more than 60,000 hours of continuous operation without any failure. The features of this pump include a safe startup mechanism which prevents the motor from starting up while there is a risk of shock, as well as, a overload protection mechanism preventing the motor from being overheated and automatically cooling it down. The pump also has an anti-vibration foot which helps to reduce noise and vibration, as well as the built-in check valve that helps to keep the water flowing back. This pump is for both indoor and outdoor use, it has been designed specifically to meet all applicable safety regulations. Thanks to its CE, RoHS and UL certificates, safety and environmental requirements are respected. In conclusion, SD609A-001-60 is an efficient and reliable centrifugal pump that effectively circulates water in both domestic and industrial applications. It offers a safe startup and overload protection mechanism, a long life mechanical seal and an anti-vibration foot. This pump is easy to install and certified according to CE, RoHS and UL standards.
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