Used KASHIYAMA SDE1023BH #9098672 for sale

ID: 9098672
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE1023BH is a double-suction axial split process pump designed for applications which require a reliable and long lasting performance. This process pump offers robust, heavy-duty construction and consistently reliable, efficient operation, thanks to advances in modern technology. SDE1023BH has a full-shaft design and an axial split volute. This arrangement ensures superior axial alignment and effectively eliminates shaft deflection. Its hydraulic design incorporates a deep profile impeller with vanes to reduce corrosion and fouling to maintain the highest levels of efficiency over time. The cutwater lines ensure minimum noise levels while minimizing the number of associated mechanical failures. KASHIYAMA SDE1023BH process pump is also designed to operate at low speeds, minimizing vibration, wear, and equipment fatigue. Its extended bearing length provides enhanced radial loading support, resulting in improved service life. The pump also features a rigid shaft to minimize drive torque and reduce maintenance costs, making it a highly cost-efficient solution. This SDE1023BH process pump has a robust casing with a designed pressure of 15 bar (217.2 psi). Its inlet flange is compatible with different standard sizes and a variety of other external connections such as Matched flange, ANSI standard and API flanged connections enable the user to adapt their existing system. Furthermore, this KASHIYAMA SDE1023BH process pump can be used in a variety of applications including those dealing with sea water, chemical industries, salt-water, potable water, boiler water, and sulfuric acid. Additionally, a suite of compatible accessories such as mechanical seals, mechanical seal support systems, and piping systems is available, ensuring that your process pump will be running perfectly at all times. The pump can also be repaired and maintained as necessary to maximize its service life and performance.
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