Used KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-060 #9066857 for sale

ID: 9066857
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-060 is a small centrifugal pump that is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance in various industrial applications. It is made up of a pump body, impeller, motor, shaft, bearings, and other components. It is a completely self-contained unit and is capable of providing a high-pressure flow at low noise levels. This pump is suitable for a variety of applications such as pressure boosting, water transfer, and air conditioning systems. The pump features a 2-pole 3-phase induction motor and a frequency-controlled inverter motor for optimum performance. The motor features a speed of 1650-1700 rpm and a power rating of 0.6kW, making it suitable for continuous operation with a high level of pressure and flow. Additionally, the pump has a maximum flow rate of 18.9 liters/minute, a head pressure of 4.1 meters, and a maximum working pressure of 0.96MPa. The built-in inverter motor produces a stepless speed regulation while maintaining high efficiency, and the pump is equipped with an overload protector to ensure safe and reliable operation. The pump is also designed with a range of features to increase its usability and efficiency. It is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials for long-lasting performance, and the intergral mechanical seal system keeps water from leaking out and into the motor housing. Additionally, the check valve mechanism helps to prevent backflow and reduces the need for additional hardware and maintenance. The motor is protected from both overload and dry running, and the pump also features low-noise and shock-free operation. SDE1203B-060 is a reliable and efficient pump that can provide a wide range of services in industrial applications. Its construction materials, refined design, and efficient motor provide maximum performance with minimal maintenance. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of water transfer systems and other industrial applications.
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