Used KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-090 #9066860 for sale

ID: 9066860
Dry pumps.
KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-090 is a medium-sized, axial-piston pump which is a member of KASHIYAMA Standard Displacement Series. It is capable of providing a flow rate of up to 212 l/min, and has a maximum operating pressure of up to 17MPa. This hydraulic pump, designed specifically for industrial applications, utilises a single-stage, axial-piston swash plate design as its primary hydraulic component. This type of design enables the pump to achieve high-pressure levels even at a wide range of displacements. It also boasts an excellent volumetric efficiency, which further contributes to its overall effective pressure and performance. SDE1203B-090 is compact in size and designed for easy installation in tight spaces. It is also lightweight and offers low noise levels, making it ideal for applications in which minimising noise pollution is an important consideration. The pump's low noise level also ensures smooth operation during long periods of use. KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-090 runs on a 4-pole motor, optimised for heavy-duty operation and high performance. It is also designed for single- and two-speed operation, so it can be adapted for a wide range of requirements. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with several built-in safety features, such as a mechanical protection element to ensure the motor is not overloaded and a filter to protect the system against contamination. SDE1203B-090 is constructed from high-quality materials and with superior craftsmanship, allowing for a long service life. Its rugged construction also ensures the pump is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for those in need of a durable and reliable hydraulic pump. In conclusion, KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-090 is a reliable and durable hydraulic pump which is well-suited to industrial applications. It offers an impressive flow rate, a robust construction, and several built-in safety features, allowing for optimised performance even under challenging conditions. The pump is also lightweight, compact, and low in noise pollution, making it an easy choice for those seeking a reliable and effective hydraulic solution.
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