Used KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-094 #9066861 for sale

ID: 9066861
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-094 is a pump designed for applications that require precise, low-flow metering. It features an axial piston design that ensures a continuous and smooth flow of fluid at a consistent speed. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require precise and consistent flow. This pump is designed for durability and high performance in a variety of applications. SDE1203B-094 pump is constructed with a cast iron housing, and features self-lubricating bronze bearings, and a hardened steel shafts so that it can handle Heavy-duty conditions. The impellers are made of precision-cast hardened steal, and feature an unique design for high efficiency and low noise. The most important feature of this pump is its rotary valve, which ensures the precise and consistent flow of the fluid at the desired speed. KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-094 pump also features adjustable flow capability, providing maximum flexibility and control over the process. It can also be configured with an optional bypass line that allows the pump to maintain its performance even at lower flow rates. The pump also features a thermal overload protection capability, helping to protect it from overloading and damage caused by excessive temperatures. SDE1203B-094 pump also has quick installation and easy maintenance. It features an adjustable base so that it can be installed in tight spaces. It also has a separate oil chamber, allowing the user to easily service and replace the oil or filters. KASHIYAMA SDE1203B-094 pump is a reliable and robust pump that can handle even the toughest applications. It provides smooth and precise flow and its adjustable flow capability makes it suitable for many different applications. With its thermal overload protection capability and easy installation, this pump is an ideal choice for many applications requiring precise, low-flow metering.
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