Used KASHIYAMA SDE1203B #161767 for sale

ID: 161767
KASHIYAMA SDE1203B Pump is an industrial pump designed to be a powerful and reliable solution to most industrial pumping systems. This robust and reliable pump offers a low cost of ownership due to its low running cost and exceptional durability. Featuring stainless-steel construction and a high-torque motor, SDE1203B is capable of handling a wide range of temperatures and other industrial requirements. It has the ability to reliably operate in a range of applications, including process fluids, water, fuel, and more. The wetted parts of the pump, such as the impeller and the pump body, are made of stainless steel and stainless alloy, making them strong and resistant to corrosive liquids. This ensures an extended life and fewer service calls. Designed to provide exceptional efficiency and flexibility, KASHIYAMA SDE1203B features a liquid-filled motor which produces a steady flow rate and is highly resistant to clogging and dirt. This enables it to handle the harshest of conditions and meets the demands of high-pressure applications. Furthermore, a built-in thermal protection system guards against overheating, ensuring the motor and its components last for many years of reliable service. SDE1203B is also easy to install and maintain due to its simple design. It is supplied with a variety of accessories and includes quick connections, as well as optional expansion kits for customization. It is also equipped with an adjustable impeller for maximum efficiency and performance. To maximize safety, KASHIYAMA SDE1203B is equipped with several built-in safety features, including an overload protect switch and a locked rotor protection circuit. Furthermore, the pump is UL and CSA certified and carries a one year warranty. As a result, SDE1203B Pump is an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications. It offers exceptionally reliable performance and low cost of ownership. It is a durable and versatile choice for industries such as chemical processing, water treatment, energy & power, food & beverage processing, and more.
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