Used KASHIYAMA SDE1203BL-086 #9066863 for sale

ID: 9066863
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE1203BL-086 is a positive displacement pump that is best suited for a wide-range of industrial and commercial applications. It is typically used for moving fluids such as fuels, coolants, lubricants, acids, oils, or water-based solutions with viscosity up to 150 CPS. This pump is designed with a robust construction and reliable performance, allowing it to withstand a wide variety of conditions and provide reliable operation for years to come. SDE1203BL-086 pump is equipped with a 3-phase, 0.37 kW motor that operates at 220-240V, 50/60Hz, making it ideal for applications that require higher flow rates. The pump can be adjusted to either 9 or 12 liters per hour, providing greater flexibility for applications with changing flow rates. KASHIYAMA SDE1203BL-086 pump features an integral pressure relief valve that can be adjusted to reduce system pressure by up to 10 bar, making it ideal for applications that require sophisticated pressure control mechanisms. Due to its robust, heavy-duty construction, SDE1203BL-086 pump is resistant to corrosive fluids, allowing it to withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, due to the fins on its heat sink, the pump is able to adequately dissipate heat away from its components, resulting in cooler and more reliable performance over extended periods of operation. KASHIYAMA SDE1203BL-086 pump is fitted with a built-in capacitive proximity switch that provides protection against dry running, as well as an industrial-grade PTFE shaft seal that provides a reliable, leak-free operation even when being operated in adverse conditions. Furthermore, the fluid-end is constructed from cast iron or stainless steel, making it highly durable and corrosion-resistant over extended periods of time. SDE1203BL-086 pump is designed with an ergonomic handle to allow for easy transport, as well as a mounting bracket that is compatible with standard industry mounting holes, making it easy to install. It is also equipped with an 2-pin terminal block, enabling it to be connected to most standard DC motors and external wiring. In summary, KASHIYAMA SDE1203BL-086 pump is a robust, positive displacement pump that is suitable for a wide-range of industrial and commercial applications. Its design features and built-in capabilities allow it to provide reliable, efficient performance that can be relied upon for years to come.
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