Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-019 #9066867 for sale

ID: 9066867
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-019 is a high-pressure plunger pump featuring an 18.2 l/min maximum flow rate and a pressure range up to 55.9 bars. It is a self-priming belt driven pump powered by an electric motor with a mechanical seal that enables the pump to handle various liquid compositions with a wide range of viscosity. SDE2003B-019 is designed with a quality mechanical construction that is capable of withstanding heavy operating conditions. The built-in check valve on the inlet of the pump prevents liquid from flowing back into the inlet port and ensures a smooth and continuous flow. The bearings of the pump are sealed and have an extended life span and offer an ideal solution for a variety of applications. KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-019 uses a suction lift of more than 7.6 meters and is capable of handling highly viscous fluids, thick fluids, and emulsions. It features an axial displacement mechanism to ensure the pressure is kept constant during the running process and reduce losses. The pump also has a non-clogging design, and a three-phase motor to ensure a smoother operation. SDE2003B-019 is made from corrosion-resistant materials and is designed to be used as a high-pressure pump for various industrial applications. Its superior construction and quality mechanical components enable it to operate at higher pressures and with maximum efficiency. The pump also benefits from a low noise emissions and reduced maintenance costs. This pump offers an ideal solution for various applications, such as water treatment systems, desalination plants, firefighting, and cooling systems. It is highly suitable for the pumping of a variety of liquids, including acids, alkalis, lubricating oils, and refined petroleum products. KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-019 offers a robust design, reliable performance, and a long operating life.
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