Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-034 #9066869 for sale

ID: 9066869
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-034 is a self-priming, double-suction, cantilever centrifugal pump. Featuring an ultimate capacity of 540 m3/h, the pump is designed to sustain a maximum discharge pressure of 32.7 bars. It is driven by a 30 kW asynchronous motor capable of delivering a maximum speed of 1460 rpm. The pump's main components include a casing, bearing house, impeller, and shaft. The casing is made of cast iron, which is resistant to wear and corrosion while providing better performance. It also features a discharge port, an inlet port, and an oil chamber. The bearing house consists of a ball bearing, which is held in a steel-encased bronze housing to ensure precision and maximum stability while operating. The impeller is made of a special alloy that helps in reducing mechanical losses while increasing the efficiency of the pump. The impeller's mode of operation is volumetric suction, wherein a system of vanes placed centrifugally directs the liquid into the heart of the impeller. Furthermore, the shaft is constructed from alloy steel, ensuring maximum stability and torque transmission at the higher rotation rates of the motor. SDE2003B-034 also features integrated anti-noise and preventive maintenance systems to ensure extended operational life. The anti-noise system is based on the attenuation of loud noise caused by vibration and fluid-dynamic turbulence. Its airtightness systems and hard-chrome coating on the bronze bearing housing provide robustness, while its double-suction mechanism makes sure safe operation and eliminates the risks of cavitation. Furthermore, the self-priming mechanism allows the pump to be started with a minimal amount of liquid, even when dry, and its anti-siphon design reduces the possibility of suction side air entrainment. Overall, KASHIYAMA SDE2003B-034 is an efficient and reliable self-priming, double-suction, cantilever centrifugal pump, providing high-pressure performance and extended operational life. It is ideal for industrial applications, such as water treatment, irrigation, and waste water management.
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