Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003BH #9066870 for sale

ID: 9066870
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003BH is an electric pump designed to transport liquid from one place to another. It is a positive displacement pump which utilizes a rotating impeller to suction and discharge fluid from an enclosed area. This pump can be used for a variety of applications. SDE2003BH pump features an extremely powerful motor that can produce up to 4.8 horsepower. The hermetic motor is air-cooled and designed to provide long and reliable service. This pump has a maximum delivery head of up to 81 feet and a capacity of up to 57 gallons per minute. The discharge port is 2" female thread for easy installation. The rotation speed of KASHIYAMA SDE2003BH is adjustable, ranging from 300 - 3600 revolutions per minute (RPM). This allows users to find the best operating speed for the particular application. Additionally, the pump is made using durable material such as cast iron. The wear resistance of the construction material ensures an extended operating life. This pump also has excellent anti-clogging capabilities due to its double-suction design. The suction cover is made of a special steel alloy to provide superior abrasion resistance and prevent the pump from getting clogged. Furthermore, SDE2003BH has no suction gap which minimizes noise levels. The performance of this pump is also enhanced by its enhanced design. It features a built-in surge damper to absorb pressure wave which increases flow and minimizes vibration. Additionally, it has a rotary-type seal to provide secure and reliable sealing. Overall, KASHIYAMA SDE2003BH pump is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. It is a positive displacement pump that is equipped with a powerful motor and can handle up to 57 gallons per minute. It has an adjustable rotation speed, superior anti-clogging capabilities, and excellent design features that are designed to enhance performance and provide a long and reliable service life.
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