Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT-018 #9066871 for sale

ID: 9066871
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT-018 is a high-performance, economical and durable pump designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. It features a powerful Mitsubishi engine, direct-coupled to a centrifugal pump, producing highly efficient operation. The sump pumps provide superior performance and supreme durability under the toughest conditions. SDE2003BHT-018 has a maximum flow rate of 45 m³/H, making it ideal for small and medium scale industrial applications. It has a high power engine, delivering up to 5.5 kW of power to the pump's centrifugal operating system. This provides high operating efficiency and improved performance, allowing it to operate under the toughest of conditions. The sump pump features a maximum head of 78 meters Hₑ, making it reliable for pumping samples from deeper depths. The high head depth ensures samples are reliably drawn from great depths, while the powerful pump ensures smooth and consistent operation under the conditions. Additionally, KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT-018 can pump a maximum of particles up to 1.0 mm in diameter. The pump's high flow rate and power ensures reliable and efficient operation. It uses a direct-coupled design to maximize efficiency and to reduce maintenance needs. The pump has a compact overall size, designed to be installed and operated in tight spaces and in harsh environments. The sump features a durable construction, providing reliability even under the harshest conditions and in corrosive environments. SDE2003BHT-018 has easy to operate controls and an intuitive user interface, making it suitable for both experienced and inexperienced operators. It's also equipped with an alarm system, designed to alert the operator of potential issues in operation. This ensures that the pump is kept running efficiently without interruption. Overall, KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT-018 is an economical, reliable and powerful pump suitable for demanding industrial operations. It provides high efficiency, superior performance and supreme durability, allowing it to reliably pump samples from deeper depths. The compact size and easy to use controls allow it to be installed and operated in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for small and medium scale industrial applications.
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