Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT #9066866 for sale

ID: 9066866
Dry pumps, many available.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT is a centrifugal pump used in various industrial applications, ranging from food processing to chemical and petrochemical processing. This pump is designed for applications with clean as well as dirty liquids with viscosities up to 150 cSt, making it ideal for many industrial applications. SDE2003BHT is built using an axial split-case type design, and features a back pull out design which makes it easier to maintain and repair. This KASHIYAMA pump is powered by a high-efficiency motor, and a multi-stage impeller design which helps the pump handle a larger range of flow and operating pressures. The pump utilizes anti-friction bearings for increased durability and reliability, and the impeller is enclosed within a wear-resistant casing to protect against wear and tear caused by pumping abrasive liquids. The pump also includes an adjustable-speed mechanism, which provides the user with maximum control over the process rate. KASHIYAMA SDE2003BHT has a number of safety features designed to ensure safe and efficient operation, such as a seal pressure monitoring equipment to detect leaks in the pumping system before they become a problem, and a pressure relief valve to relieve excess pressure from the unit in an emergency. Additionally, the pump has a pressure and temperature sensor that monitors the temperature and pressure within the machine, and an integrated check valve to help avoid contamination and backflow. Overall, SDE2003BHT is an excellent choice for many industrial applications due to its reliable design and varied features. This pump offers superior protection against abrasive liquids and offers the user enhanced control over the process rate, making it a great option for many challenging industrial applications. Additionally, the pump's safety features help to provide a reliable and safe operation and keep the tool running smoothly, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
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