Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL-017A #9066876 for sale

ID: 9066876
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL-017A pump is a sub-mersible dewatering electric pump used in marine and wastewater septic systems. It is a single-stage centrifugal pump with a built-in motor and impeller for efficient pumping of water for small to medium-sized sub-mersible dewatering systems. The motor has a power rating of 1.25 kW, a maximum flow rate of 70 m³/h, and a head of 60 m. The single phase system has an insulation rating of F-class to ensure the pump is safe to use in marine environments. The pump's parts are constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel and can handle a maximum temperature of +35°C. SDE2003BL-017A is designed for easy installation and maintenance and has a built-in mechanical seal to prevent water leakage. The pump has an external casing which helps reduce noise levels and is also designed to provide a nearly splash-proof operation. It also comes with a strainer basket for easy maintenance. The pump can be deployed horizontally or vertically to facilitate drainage more effectively and has an auto-cut feature for safety in the event of a power failure. KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL-017A pump is the perfect choice for medium-duty sub-mersible dewatering systems. It is ideal for a variety of uses such as water drainage, sewage treatment, construction drainage, and industrial application. The pump is easy to install and maintain, features a rust-resistant construction and has a built-in safety feature in the event of a power failure. Customers can also receive after-sales technical support for installation and maintenance.
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