Used KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL #9066874 for sale

ID: 9066874
Dry pumps.
KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL pump is a high-performance, lubricated rotary sliding vane pump designed for continuous-duty operations. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications, including food processing, oil refining, chemical processing, water treatment, and pressure boosting. SDE2003BL features a robust, heavy-duty construction that ensures longevity and maintains performance for many years. It is made from cast iron and features a stainless steel-coated shaft, valve plates, and case cover. It also boasts a wide range of operating speeds and discharge pressures that can be selected to fit individual requirements. KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL utilizes KASHIYAMA unique eccentric offset geometry to create high performance and efficiency. This innovative design improves the efficiency of the pumping process and reduces slip, vibration, and power consumption. It also offers superior performance in both liquid and gas phases with a high differential pressure capability. SDE2003BL is easy to install and maintain. It includes an inlet port, outlet port, bypass port, and is equipped with a magnetically coupled drive shaft to provide easy access and serviceability. It also features an internal relief valve for easy adjustment of operating pressures. KASHIYAMA SDE2003BL is a highly efficient and reliable pump that can handle a wide variety of tasks with ease. Its durable construction ensures extended life and its selection of operating speeds and pressure ranges make it suitable for any situation. It is backed by KASHIYAMA extensive technical support and is guaranteed to provide long-term reliable service.
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