Used KASHIYAMA SDE300C #9066881 for sale

ID: 9066881
Dry pumps.
KASHIYAMA SDE300C is a centrifugal pump designed to handle a range of liquid media from clean tap water to industrial liquids containing light solids. It is constructed using durable cast iron body and a robust iron impeller for enhanced reliability and performance. The pump is powered by a TEFC single phase motor with threaded drive shaft for easy installation and maintenance. The pump's volute and impeller are designed to produce higher pressure and maximum efficiency. With a capacity of up to 300L/min, it is suitable for use in many applications from the delivery of hot and cold water in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. This pump is also very operator friendly owing to the adjustable flow control enabling easy adjustment from the maximum to minimal flow rate. SDE300C has an overvoltage protection system which guards against overload of electric voltage when the pump is off. This is an important feature which further enhances the safety and reliability of the pump. Additionally, the pump has a built-in thermal overload protector preventing the motor from overheating when the pump is running continually. The molded components with low frees and soundproof casing offer excellent noise reduction properties, providing a quiet operating environment. For additional protection, KASHIYAMA SDE300C comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty covering any manufacturing defects. Maintenance and cleaning of the pump is recommended annually to ensure maximum performance and to help prolong its lifespan. With a variety of operations available, this pump is the ideal selection for a wide range of tasks.
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