Used KASHIYAMA SDE603AL-BP-001 #9066883 for sale

ID: 9066883
Dry pump.
KASHIYAMA SDE603AL-BP-001 is a highly efficient, self-priming pump that is ideally suited for dewatering applications such as sewage, septic, and sump. Its cast iron construction with stainless steel fittings makes it especially durable when used in demanding applications involving higher operating temperatures and pressure. Its motor is a single phase, 1.5-horsepower, air cooled, capacitor-start induction motor with a thermal overload protector. The motor is mounted onto the cast iron volute and is mounted externally, allowing for easy service and maintenance. The impeller is made of techno-polymer and in combination with its vortex construction, allows for superior dynamic head and flow rates. The pump is directly coupled to the motor which eliminates mechanical wear, making it highly reliable. The seal used is a carbon mechanical seal which is protected with an oil chamber and keeps lubrication within the motor and pump. The oil prevents abrasive wear from the impeller and seals and increases the life of the pump. The pump is fitted with an adjustable automatic pump controller, which ensures the pump starts and stops automatically according to tap inlet pressure. The controller also provides overload protection, preventing the pump from running dry or from being operated at too low a flow rate. SDE603AL-BP-001 is vertically mountable and comes complete with stainless steel flanges, and flexible suction and delivery connections. The pump is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C to 40°C. It has a maximum pressure of 25 bar and is capable of pumping 16.2 cubic meters of fluid per hour with a maximum head of 17 meters. It is also readily available in compatibility with 220-240 V/50 Hz levels. All in all, KASHIYAMA SDE603AL-BP-001 pump is an efficient, reliable and cost effective solution for dewatering applications.
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