Used KINNEY KDH 130 #9096291 for sale

KDH 130
ID: 9096291
Mechanical vacuum pump Displacement: 225CMH Stages: 1 Type of oil: H/C Inlet connection: 3” FLG Outlet connection: 2” NPT Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Wate 3.7kW, 415V, 3 Phase.
KINNEY KDH 130 is a high-performance vacuum pump designed for the most demanding industrial applications. This pump is ideal for applications that require a reliable, robust and efficient solution for achieving a vacuum. KDH 130 has an oil-sealed design, featuring a triple-stage molecular drag system to optimize performance. The pump features direct shaft drive motor for superior operation and long-term reliability. This powerful pump produces up to 12.5 CFM of air displacement at atmospheric pressure. KINNEY KDH 130 utilizes a single power source to achieve up to 6 Torr of negative pressure. It also features a built-in heater to ensure stable operation even at high temperatures. KDH 130 is designed to reduce maintenance costs through its low wear and tear, and extends its service life with its unique High Efficiency Internal Cooling System (HEICS). This in-vacuum solution keeps the pump running even when operating in difficult conditions. KINNEY KDH 130 is easy to operate, with an intuitive graphical user interface that allows users to adjust operation parameters with minimal training. Its sophisticated safety systems feature an automatic shut-off in the event of an emergency. The pump also features thermal protection to prevent heat damage from overloading. KDH 130 is built with a rugged and durable construction to protect against corrosion, dust and humidity. Its stainless steel body and silicone seal maintain optimal performance for extended use in harsh environments. The pump also features an integrated counterbalance valve to reduce vibration in hard to reach areas, and is designed to be flexible and easily installed in tight spaces. Overall, KINNEY KDH 130 is a powerful, reliable and energy-efficient solution for achieving a vacuum. With its advanced performance and versatile design, this pump promises to be the ideal solution for applications across different industries.
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