Used KINNEY KMBD30 #9081105 for sale

ID: 9081105
Pump 30 CFM two stage No motor.
KINNEY KMBD30 is a medium-duty diaphragm vacuum pump designed to meet the needs of industrial, medical, laboratory, and commercial applications. This robust pump operates on an efficient electrical system and features a two-stage design with two belts and a brushless DC motor. KMBD30 has a maximum flow rate of 30 cubic feet per minute and a vacuum range of 6.3 to 740Hg. It is a direct drive pump which is easy to service and maintain with its zinc-aluminum alloy housing. This pump utilizes a high-efficiency double diaphragm technology and a vacuum gauge is included to ensure the vacuum is maintained at an optimal level. To ensure long-term reliability, KINNEY KMBD30 features integrated oil mist filters to reduce oil aerosols and particles. It includes needle valves to adjust the flow and two polymer-coated steel compression blades for optimal operation. The pump also features a low acoustic noise level and it is designed to perform continuous operation with minimal surface temperature. KMBD30 can be used with a wide variety of materials such as solvents, oils, and other corrosive solutions. This pump also has a variety of safety features including a low voltage cut-off switch and an integrated pressure regulator to ensure the vacuum level is never exceeded. This medium-duty vacuum pump can be used in a variety of environments such as medical laboratories, industrial systems, and research facilities, as well as in cooling systems and filtration applications. KINNEY KMBD30 is a reliable and efficient vacuum pump perfect for meeting the demands of a variety of applications.
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