Used KINNEY KTC-112 #9070998 for sale

ID: 9070998
Vacuum pump includes: Power: 230/460V, 60 Hz, 3 phase TEFC Motor Vibramounts Oil line solenoid valves Gas ballast valve Initial charge of type AX oil.
KINNEY KTC-112 is a reliable and durable liquid transfer pump designed for a variety of applications. This pump features a three-phase motor and uses centrifugal action to move liquid with pressure. The pump is available with a variety of stand, frame, or pipe-mount options so users can install it for their specific needs. KTC-112 has a maximum head of 13 feet, suction lift of 28 feet, and maximum flow rate of 360 gallons per minute. As a centrifugal pump, it features an impeller that spins at a high rate of speed to create centrifugal force across the inlet port. This allows it to draw more liquid into the pumping chamber and pressure it out the discharge port. This design makes it well-suited for fluid viscosities up to 1,000 cps. KINNEY KTC-112 has an external pressure adjustment feature that allows for more control of the pump. This pressure adjustment feature can be used to increase the flow rate, reduce overall turbulence, or increase the efficiency of the pump. For utmost convenience, KTC-112 is self-priming so it does not require priming before use. KINNEY KTC-112 is designed with durability in mind, featuring an oil-filled motor housing and an engineered bronze alloy impeller that can resist wear and corrosion. The pump also features a double row ball bearing design and curved vane-shaped impellers that reduce turbulence and prevent air entrapment. KTC-112 is certified for use in hazardous locations and holds UL and CSA approvals. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, this pump is ideal for many transfer and supply applications. It can be used for pressurized systems that require both high pressures and flows, or for applications with suction lifts of up to 28 feet.
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