Used KNF NEUBERGER UN035 #9081562 for sale

ID: 9081562
STI Vacuum Pump With on/off foot switch, stainless steel pump head PTFE-coated diaphragm 115 VAC 60Hz 3.75 Amps.
KNF NEUBERGER UN035 is a centrifugal pump designed for transferring fluid in applications that require a low-speed operation with good chemical compatibility. It is used for a variety of purposes, from chemical dosing to transferring high-viscosity fluids. The pump is designed for use in applications where low noise emission is important. The pump consists of a cast iron or stainless steel motor support housing that is statically and dynamically balanced to reduce vibration and noise. The impeller is made from Kynar or other corrosion-resistant materials, and is designed to generate high pressure quickly. The impeller is designed with backward curved vanes, which helps to reduce noise and provides more efficient operation. The pump has a 1" male threaded inlet and outlet, as well as a stainless steel case and mechanical seal. In terms of performance, UN035 is capable of reaching a maximum flow rate of 15 liters per minute and a maximum head of 17 meters. The maximum operating temperature is 85°C (185°F) and the pump has an IP54 rating. The total power consumption of the pump is an average of 0.18 kW and its noise emission is at a low 56 decibels at 1m. Overall, KNF NEUBERGER UN035 is an efficient and reliable centrifugal pump designed for applications where low noise levels are required. It features a robust motor support housing and a corrosion-resistant impeller designed to generate high pressure quickly. Furthermore, the pump is capable of reaching a maximum flow rate of 15 liters per minute and has a maximum operating temperature of 85°C (185°F). With such performance capabilities, UN035 is an ideal pump for a variety of applications.
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