Used LAMSON 606/6/0/AD #165730 for sale

ID: 165730
Vacuum systems.
LAMSON 606/6/0/AD is a centrifugal pump designed for use in a variety of applications. This single-stage, self-priming pump is able to handle up to 6m3/hr of water or fluid and can operate up to 6 bar of pressure. This cast iron pump is powered by either a three-phase or a single-phase motor, allowing for flexible installation and operation. The impeller is balanced dynamically to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, LAMSON 606/6/0/AD features a separate sump arrangement, which helps capture the wear and tear of the operating parts, extending the pump's life expectancy. LAMSON 606/6/0/AD has been designed to ensure easy maintenance and repair. Priming is simple owing to the handy priming chamber and flushing device, while the removable cover and flange make the pump easy to inspect, clean and assemble. The packing, bearings and components are easily replaceable and the impeller can be easily disassembled for inspection. In terms of safety and reliability, LAMSON 606/6/0/AD delivers. It is designed for continuous duty and long life, with a mechanical seal designed to reduce the risk of equipment failure from wear and tear. Additionally, the pump casing is designed using airtight construction to prevent the formation of liquid overflow and prevent cavitation. The centrifugal pump is also designed with cavitation protection, helpful in meeting NSF/ANSI standards. All in all, LAMSON 606/6/0/AD is an efficient centrifugal pump suitable for a variety of applications. Its tough construction and easy inspectability, along with its reliable performance, make this a popular choice amongst professionals looking for a quality pump.
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