Used LEYBOLD WSU501 D40BCS #175084 for sale

ID: 175084
Pump P/N: 8000082378010 PFPE Prepper blower package.
LEYBOLD WSU501 D40BCS is a high-performance dry screw pump designed to provide a reliable and efficient vacuum solution in a wide variety of applications. The dry screw pump has a very compact design which makes it suitable for applications which require a portable vacuum pump with a small footprint. The pump features two screwed rotors and two centrifugal compressors, and is driven by a 7.5 kW asynchronous motor. The VSD and integrated coolers, which are included in the drive equipment, ensure efficient operation and an economical power consumption. The air speeds achieved by WSU501 D40BCS reach up to 80 m³/h, with a pumping speed of 40 m³/h. The pump is equipped with a flexible and scalable integrated control system, providing easy access for users to monitor and observe the performance of their vacuum systems in a simple and straightforward way. The unit enables the monitoring of the vacuum conditions, current electrical power consumption and alarm notifications, allowing users to take action in case of abnormalities within the machine. LEYBOLD WSU501 D40BCS also features an air-cooled housing, which reduces the risk of heat transfer to the ambient environment. The pump's operating temperature range is between 0 and 40⁰C, providing reliable performance in both normal and harsh operating environments. WSU501 D40BCS is an ideal solution for applications that require an efficient and reliable vacuum pump with a small footprint. The integrated control tool is user-friendly and provides users with access to the performance of the vacuum asset, enabling them to take action in case of abnormalities. The air-cooled housing ensures reliable operation in a wide range of temperature conditions, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.
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